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7 tricks to get the most out of uTorrent Web

February 22, 2020 - Reading time: 55 minutes

uTorrent Web is a torrent download client that allows you to view the files you are downloading even before the download is finished. Here are some tips to get the most out of uTorrent Web.

 The torrent protocol uses the direct connection between a client and a server to share files directly from point to point by means of a client program installed on the computers at both ends. This facilitates that a certain file can be shared directly without having to upload it to any intermediate server.

 One of the most popular torrent clients is uTorrent, which after many controversies returns to the bullring with uTorrent Web, an interesting proposal in which you do not need to download the entire video or music file to see it, but you can open it online to see it in streaming as the download is completed.

 The torrent protocol is especially useful for the distribution of large files to facilitate their dissemination on the Internet. However, this technology, which in principle is a simple and effective way to extend free knowledge on the Net, can be misused and can bring you some legal problems for downloading copyrighted content.

 In certain countries, the illegal distribution of copyrighted content is considered a crime that could bring you to justice in your country and carry prison sentences or multi-million dollar fines. Therefore, make responsible use of this technology and download only content licensed under Creative commons or open source licenses.


Don't fall into the trap when installing it

The first trick for uTorrent Web that you must take into account is that you will have to put it into practice even before starting to use the torrent client, since if you are one of those who do not even look at the screens that appear during the installation, it is very possible that you will install add-ons and programs that you do not need.

 Start by downloading the uTorrent Web installer from its official website and running the installer.

 After accepting the license to use uTorrent Web, the application to install a series of browser plug-ins that may slow down the browser appears, with the same appearance as the rest of the installation screens.

 You can avoid their installation by remaining attentive to this process and, when prompted to install the plug-ins and programs, simply press the Decline button and the installation of uTorrent Web will continue smoothly.


Add torrent files

You can have uTorrent Web open automatically and start downloading the torrent files you've selected. To do this you just have to configure a couple of parameters in the browser, so that it sends the file to uTorrent Web and, on the other hand in the torrent client, so that it is the default torrent client.


5 ways to download torrents without installing any client

 As you know, to download a file with any torrent client, you need a small file that contains the indications to connect to the torrent client that is serving the file. They're something like directions to the path the connection must follow to get to the file you want to download. Then, you only have to upload that file to uTorrent Web to start downloading it. There are several ways to do this.

 The first and simplest is simply to drag the torrent file you have downloaded onto the uTorrent Web window in your browser. You'll see a box appear in that window indicating that you can drop the file right there to start downloading it.

You can also click on the +Torrent button in the lower right corner of the uTorrent Web player and click the Browse button to find the downloaded torrent file.


Automatically opens torrents from your browser

As we have already mentioned, to download files using the torrent protocol, the torrent client needs the "roadmap" of that file to know how to connect to that file.

 When you go to download this torrent file it is very likely that the browser will ask you what you want to do with it: save the file on your disk, so you could add it to uTorrent Web as told you in the previous section, or send it directly to some program so that he takes care of downloading. This second option is the one you are interested in now.

 To have your browser send the torrent file directly to your uTorrent Web client, just check the Open with option and select uTorrent Web that will appear as the default. Then a new browser window will open where uTorrent Web will load and start downloading the file.

 If uTorrent Web does not appear as the default application, it needs to be configured. In that case, open uTorrent Web and access its settings from the sprocket icon in the upper right corner.

 Then scroll down to Advanced Settings and make sure uTorrent Web is your default torrent client.

 You can also link torrent files using magnet links. These magnetic links literally attach to your torrent client using a specific encoding in its URL, so you don't need to physically download the torrent file with the connection path.


Tips for uTorrent Web

On the pages that provide the torrent you may find two types of links for the torrent: download the torrent file or the icon of a magnet indicating that it is a magnet link. If you click on the magnet link, a box will open in the browser indicating that the external link must be opened with an application. At the top of the box should indicate that it will open with uTorrent Web.

 If not, use the Choose button to search for the uTorrent Web executable on your computer and select it. Then click Open Link, and uTorrent Web will download the file.


Download only what you really need

Most of the time, the torrent file includes downloading several files including product photos, change lists, installation instructions, subtitle files, and more.

 All these files make the size of the download somewhat larger than it really should be. So, if you just want to download the file you're interested in, uTorrent Web allows you to turn off the download of the rest you don't need.

 To do this just go to the lower area where they list the torrents you are downloading and click on the button Files that appears to the right of each download to display the list of attachments that are included in the download.


Tips for uTorrent Web

To the right of each of these files is an activated switch indicating that they will be downloaded. Click on the switches of the attached files you don't want to download and they will be disabled. That way, only the ones you are really interested in are downloaded, saving download time and disk space.


Change the download folder

By default uTorrent Web sets your computer's Downloads folder as the default destination for saving downloaded files. You can change this destination folder to configure it to your liking.


To do this just open the File Explorer and open the folder where you want to save the files you download from uTorrent Web. Then select the path to that folder by clicking on the address bar of the File Explorer and copy it to the clipboard.


Tips for uTorrent Web

Now, open uTorrent Web and access its settings by clicking on the cogwheel in the upper right corner of uTorrent Web. Here, look for the Default Download Folder section and click the Change button. Next, paste the path of the new folder you copied to the clipboard and press the Save button to apply the changes.


Tips for uTorrent Web

From then on, new downloads will be saved to the new location, but downloads that have already been downloaded will remain in the previous download folder.


Accelerate (or slow down) the download speed of uTorrent Web

Originally, uTorrent Web has a somewhat aggressive configuration that can monopolize all the bandwidth of your computer to download torrents faster but, in return, can block all your attempts to browse or connect to any online service.


How to Increase Torrent File Download Speed


To avoid this, you can set download and upload speed limits on uTorrent Web so that you have a certain margin for your use.

 To change these parameters, just access the uTorrent Web configuration section from the top sprocket icon and scroll down to the Advanced Configuration section.

 Here you will find the Manage bandwidth section where the upload values are set to 0, which means there is no limit and you will download the torrents using all available bandwidth.

 Change the value of these fields adapting them to the connection speed you have contracted, so that you have some margin for your navigation with a minimum of fluidity. You can change these values whenever you want, so if you are not going to navigate, you can reset it to 0 and download the torrents faster.


No trace of downloads

When you've finished viewing or downloading a file from uTorrent Web, there's no reason to keep it occupying space on your computer or to have your uTorrent Web interface filled with items you've already downloaded, but don't need to be kept there. To do this, simply delete it from the Delete button that appears to the right of each download.

However, in the delete confirmation box, there are two options: Which is the best option to delete your uTorrent Web downloads?


Tips for uTorrent Web

With the Remove Torrent option, you remove the download element in the uTorrent Web interface, but the file you downloaded is not removed from the download folder. This option is perfect for cleaning old downloads from the program interface.

 The second button in that box is Remove torrent+ data. In this case the deletion is complete and both the download entry and the downloaded file are deleted. Use this option when you have already seen the downloaded file and you don't want to keep it anymore.

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